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Yeah you with the new bling on your ring finger, or maybe you’re hoping to have some new bling on your finger real soon, or maybe you just love stellar photography…either way I’m glad you’re here! Make yourself comfortable, check out some blog posts and my portfolio than when you’re fully convinced that we need to become friends, you hit that contact NLP button up top and we get things started!

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Weddings are what I do, they are inherently beautiful and one of the highlights of my life is that I get to do this for a living, they can also be a *teeny* bit chaotic. I have shot over 100 weddings and there is no situation that I cannot handle, I kind of pride myself on that 🙂 Give me the rainy days, the sunny days where hair and makeup ran late OR even the blizzard that through EVERYTHING off track…you’ll still get the best wedding images from me!

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Sometimes its just better to hear from someone else what it was like working with me, I am a 3 time knot BOW winner, so hear what my past brides have said about me!

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