* Insert cheesy quote about how I love to photograph weddings*

     Im a  coffee sipping, real-life livin’, memory giving wedding photographer. I photograph laughter, the in-between moments, the sun-drenched portraits that I have become known for. I value…well….you!  The wedding industry is so “conveyor belt” and as a former bride myself I know that all too well, When I started this business a few years ago I vowed to not become a wedding factory that just pumps out identical copies of newlyweds. I have built  NLP on a personal experience that truly cannot be matched, that’s fueled by a genuine love for whoever lands in front of my lens and of course….lots of coffee 🙂 

Nidya photographed my wedding this past June and to say that she blew my husband and I away with her work is an understatement

-Bethany Labrinos

June 2018 Bride

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