She has set a standard I do not believe any other photographer would be able to meet when the time comes. She truly lent a feeling of ease to our day and most importantly always knew what she was doing to get the perfect shot and fast. Kaitlin Boensch

Meet Nidya

 It would be awesome if I could meet with each of my potential brides in person have some coffee and chat away, but that would cost a lot of money and is kind of impossible, so consider this our cuppa Joe.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer can be a daunting and stressful task, because let’s be real…competition is fierce. That’s why you should choose a photographer that is dedicated to more than just giving you STUNNING images, but that wants to give you a full experience! Someone who truly cares about exactly what YOU want on your wedding day and will do all that is their power to make it happen! Lucky for you…your looking at her website so make sure you fill out my contact form on your way out, thanks for stopping by!

I am SUPER excited to announce that i was chosen as a Knot best of weddings award winner! This is a pretty big deal, only 3 percent of vendors receive this award and when you look at the 1000+ photographers in our area, well needlesss to say im thrilled! Thank you to all of my NLP brides! You guys are the real MVPs!

Wedding day lattes consumed (double or nothing)

"I now pronounce you" kisses captured

Happy Brides for this year...