When i first met Mary-Cate and Will i was instantly intimidated…they are the type of people who just go after what the want. Mary-Cate is a lawyer + and Will just started grad school for speech therapy, needless to say they are both VERY driven, which to a little local business owner like me can be…terrifying BUT they are the most laid back couple i have ever had.ever.

Their story is precious, they both wound up working at the same retail store while in CT i believe (could have that mumble up) Mary-Cate was promised a supervisor position there only to find that that position was given away…to Will. During their first meeting Mary-Cate was annoyed…and Will was stunned by how pretty this angry girl was. Over the next little while they got to know each other and eventually began dating and after only about a month of dating Will needed to go to Minnesota, and sweet Mary-Cate took a leap of faith and moved with him! The rest is obviously history.Their beautiful backyard wedding at Wills childhood home was PERFECT for these two, it mirrored their personalities and had all the pieces of a magazine worthy wedding. I am sad to leave them to their lives now but i truly wish them all the best not that i need to…these guys get what they want!