My “off” season is never my off season, I take my winter months and soak up a ton of new information. I have watched doezens of webinars from my favorite photographers and have taken countless courses all to educate myself in every aspect of my business, From “how to improve my shooting technique” to running the “backend” of my business i throw myself into it face first. Wedding photography is SO much more than just showing up on a wedding day and snapping away, it is a whole big deal that requires me to not only be a kick butt photographer BUT i also need to be a marketing guru, client relations genius, chief financial officer, and secretary…all in one…as in me. So the question to be asked is this, why would i choose to be a wedding photographer? 

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.  

                                                                                                                -Ansel Adams

          Im going to risk sounding too cliche and just get it out there…i LOVE weddings! Its the long and short of why i decided to become a wedding photographer, but all of the reasons why i love attending a wedding are not things i can enjoy when im shooting a wedding. For example when im attending a wedding during a cocktail hour i will sit at a table and eat my weight in mozzerrella sticks…not something i can do when im shooting a wedding. But the benefits of being behind the scenes are much more rewarding than eating 26 plates of appetizer sized pasta.

     Marriage for me has been the most rewarding adventure i have been privelaged to go on, and getting to watch couple after couple after couple take that same dive is such an honor! Its probably the biggest benefit of being a wedding photographer, in fact in most cases im getting the most alone time with the bride i get to be the one who calms her jitters and I get to tell the groom how STUNNING his almost wife is! Dont even get me started on how sweet it is to be with the couple for their portraits, love hangs HEAVY in the air a half hour after a couple gets married and guess who is right there in the moment…ME! Who doesnt love listening to an awesome DJ , following around an Uber happy newly married couple, and hanging out at a perfectly decorated venue with little trinkets of pinterst inspired details? BUT like i said i cant just stand around and soak that in i have work to do, So i guess we are back at why i became a wedding photographer and NOT a wedding crasher? 

     Because you as a bride deserve to have someone who is JUST as passionate about everything that takes place at your wedding as you are, because you have spent months maybe even years planning ever little aspect of your wedding day and whoever is behind that camera and is responsible for making sure that its remembered the exact way you want it to better love it as much as you do. I became a wedding photographer because my wedding photographer did just that for me, when i look at my wedding pictures i feel like im right back on a perfect june day and knowing that i am providing my couples with not only gorgeous photos of the most important day of their lives, but that im also giving them a great experience and confidence and peace about their wedding images is why i do what i do.