This absolutely has to be the coldest session I have ever shot, It was a whopping 28 degrees at High Point NJ when Jon and Julia joined me at 8am for their engagement session, it was my first session of the 2018 year and even though it was freezing I was SO amped! Jon & Julia are a truly special type of sweet, Julia has this giggly personality that lights up a room while Jon is definitely more of the “of few words type”, however the guys like 7 feet tall so he doesn’t exactly fade into the background. I am convinced that the only thing that kept these two warm during this painfully cold session ( I mentioned it was cold right?) is how MUCH they simply adore one another! I cannot wait until their wedding which is actually only a few months away…Congratulations you two! Thrilled to be going on this journey with you!

I have NO clue how they stayed in the cold for so long! High point is a truly amazing location but these two were WAY more impressive! If you are in the market for a photographer and would like to chat than click here —–>


Until next time,