Caitlin and Alex

   They met on Bumble, which is apparently a social app and the rest is sweet history. I got to spend a sunny evening strolling through the beautiful Saugerties Lighthouse with Caitlin and Alex laughing our heads off about how they both weren’t quite sure about each other at first, Caitlin thought Alex was postponing meeting up saying he was in “Germany” visiting family…turns out that was true. These days these 2 sweet redheads are planning for their wedding at Diamond Mills in October (one of my favorite venues AND in my favorite season Eeek!!). I cant wait to capture Caitlin in her wedding gown, the girl already has the BEST smile and I am guessing that her in a wedding gown is nothing less than radiant!

    This is a sidetone but SO many of my couples are meeting online, and I feel like this is true the new blind date. Some of my favorite couples have had their first conversations on a keyboard and I think that is the sweetest thing, what a beautiful chance to forge a relationship based off of good conversation over good contouring or filtering skills. SO if you are one of the lucky ones who met online drop a comment below! Did it work for you? Are you still on the hunt? 




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