Frank and Gina are SUCH a sweet couple, I know like you have never heard that term before right? Its just SO true, as I strolled through Poets Walk with them on a cloudy day a few weeks ago I was touched by the way they interact. They both have a quiet nature, they speak softly and giggle with each other A LOT! Gina looks at Frank with such respect and admiration and Frank cant help but smile when he looks at his almost wife.


When clouds roll in my NLP couples are usually scrambling and checking the weather to see if they should reschedule, sometimes thats the right move but not on this day. The dramatic sweeping skies made the perfect, delicate, fairy tale backdrop to match Gina and Franks relaxed nature as a couple. They are getting married in just 3 short months (which is madness because I feel like we JUST met )in what is sure to be a stellar wedding in Westchester NY and I seriously cannot wait! For now I leave you with this engagement session which is sure to give you all the feels…


Nidya! These photos are gorgeous! Absolutely in love, Gina L

Want to feel like Gina does about YOUR engagement pictures?

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