Meet your photographer

New York native//Wedding Photographer//.Coffee lover.

I was 20 years old when I get engaged and freshly 21 when I got married. The wedding industry has changed A LOT since than, Pinterest stepped onto the scene and the world of photography popped open like a bubble. Que everyone EVER wanting to be a photographer.
Here’s the thing, im an eternal optimist, im a conundrum solver, a creative at heart with an ability to make beautiful things stunning, sprinkle in a competitive attitude and like a genie a Wedding photographer is what pops out. My career in photography has enabled me to take all of my passions and dish them out onto my deserving couples.

Fun Facts

* Im obsessed with the Office and I can repeat pretty much every episode word for word.

* If im not editing you can find me playing in the dirt, I love all things green and flowery and gardening is just theraputic.

*Me and my family have been following the Dave Ramsey baby steps for 2 and a half years…and its changed our financial lives, and YES I would definitely love to share what I have learned.

* My husband is a Pastor and together we have 2 tiny humans who we are the boss of…they’re pretty cute.

the experience

¬†Its no secret that wedding photographers are everywhere, you have probably viewed DOZENS up to this point…so why me? This business is mine, It bears my name so its not a take it or leave it thing where I can put in minimum effort and just see what happens. This simple fact works greatly in your favor future bride, because that means I will go ALL OUT to make sure that you love every.single.moment. working with me. There are so many other reasons and I would love to chat more with you, click below¬† to say hi!