Jen and Cory’s wedding day was filled with glorious summer sunshine, big beaming smiles and plenty of line dancing. This summer wedding season here in the Hudson Valley NY has been a wet one. When I met up with Jen & Cory to do their wedding day timeline that was the big concern…our plans to do the first look around Lake Louise Marie were diverted because everything was drenched. August 4th turned out to be GORGEOUS itself! The sun made everything sparkle at the Sullivan and these two lovebirds beamed even brighter than that very sun.

I’m convinced that even if it had down-poured they would still be brimming from ear to ear because they are head-over-heels in love with each other. We first met up back in October and I was instantly drawn by their giggly nature, their sweet we met online tale and the fact that they consistently needed to be looking at eachother…they are a photographers dream.  Its wedding days like theirs that make me want to sing for joy that I ever picked up a camera and became a wedding photographer. You see I watch grooms loose it when they see their wife for the first time, I watch daddies swirl around a dance floor tears falling as they wonder where on earth the time went, I listen to vows carefully written and pledged to each other through shaky hands and voices, I am a part of every glorious moment. Jen and Cory had a spectacular wedding day and I know that a laughter filled marriage is ahead, wish we could do this day all over again!!

Dress-  Pronovias 

Hair & Makeup-  Uri Beauty / Kerri Taylor 

Venue:  THe Sullivan 

DJ : Digital Musicians 





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