Megan & Jason

   It was 5 years ago now that I was wheeled into Westchester medical center at 23 weeks pregnant with a baby who was trying to sneak out a tad early. The next 2 months (and 3 days) I sat in Westchester holding in my sweet little boy, enter in the sweetest of humans Megan. Nights were difficult because I was so far from home and Megan was my night nurse and we forged a quite real friendship…fast forward to a stunning October day and I got to watch this sweet lady become a Mrs.

Megan and Jason have already lived a lifetime of challenges, ups and downs and are finally “settling in” to married life. The type of bond that is forged when you have already “been through it all” is completely tangible, and it weaves itself into every aspect of the wedding day. Megan and I drove together to the ceremony with her mom and we chatted about how long they had been together, how God had been persistent in their hearts, and how quite frankly Megan did not think she would make it to the altar sometimes but here she was in her gown on her way. I look forward to watching their family and love grow, I look forward to visiting the farm that I am totally confident they will one day have, I cant wait to see the many blessings this marriage will bring and I am beyond honored to have been there. Congratulations love birds!

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