Cara and Nick

 Dumbo Brooklyn is possibly one of the most popular locations for an engagement session and somehow I have never been there. When Cara told me that her and Nick wanted to have their engagement session in the winter AT Dumbo Brooklyn I just about jumped (for joy). Add on the fact that she wanted to bring their sweet dalmatian and you have the PERFECT start to my 2020 shooting year.

 Dumbo is every bit as charming as I expected,  this sweet little park whose crown is Jane’s Carousel is a breathe of fresh air in crowded NYC. All of that aside we could have shot Cara and Nicks engagement session in an empty parking lot and the images still would have been stunning, the way Nick looks at Cara in a picture in itself. As odd as this may sound this was the first time I have ever seen a dalmatian in person (odd right) and their sweet puppy Beau was the perfect addition to this session. I get the request to bring a pet along engagement sessions all of the time and I am ALWAYS down to meet your furry ( or scaly) friends, just make sure to bring someone who can corral them while we shoot! This September at the Grandview they will tie the Knot ( Beau will be there in spirit) and lucky me…I get to photograph the whole thing!





So are you sporting a little somethin somethin on YOUR ring finger?

Guys I cannot stress to you enough how important Wedding photography is, which I know may seem like Im coming at this from a self serving angle but really. So if you want a experience it might be time to contact me so we can chat!