It was simply one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had the honor of being a part of. Despite how cold it was Frank and Gina (and their whole bridal party) literally KILLED it! This wedding was dripping with elegance, the Westchester Country Clubs ballroom was nothing less than breathtaking. Frank and Gina truly stand out as a couple, as quiet as they both can be they are equally as sweet and deeply committed. I remember watching them dance their first dance and looking at all of their friends and family…there were huge smiles and happy tears and I could’nt express the joy these 2 bring more than that. 

The details that went into this wedding were executed flawlessly, Gina truly had the wedding of most peoples dream (including mine) from her GORGEOUS lace dress with a bow in the back to the tall floral centerpieces…it was something that made everyone wide eyed. As the party got started and the band played on (and the sparks turned into full on fireworks) I could’nt help but think how happy I was that they chose me, little ol me to be present during their wedding day and that THAT was how I got to spend my last wedding of 2018. You two are another type of wonderful, I cannot wait to watch where life takes you! 


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