A fall engagement session on Lake Minnewaska

A fall engagement session on Lake Minnewaska

Isaac & Veronica

Place me like a seal over your heart, Like a seal over your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lake Minnewaska was the PERFECT choice for Isaac & Veronicas fall engagement session, this setting brought out the best in both of them. Isaac is your classic outdoorsy guy who was clearly at home in these mountains, Veronica (who by the way was Isaacs first girlfriend I mean come on) clearly loves anywhere Isaac is. During this session we walked (a lot) and talked about how beautiful marriage is, what a blessing it is to have a lasting covenant that keeps through life mountains and valleys (see what I did there). These two will become one in January in what is sure to be a wonderful wedding that my heart cannot wait for~ 

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  Wedding photography is honestly one of the biggest decisions you will make…and certainly one of the only ones that last. 

A Summer wedding at Green Tree Country club // Hudson Valley NY

Rosa & Dan

    Big. Beaming. Smiles. That is the first thing I noticed about Rosa and Dan when we met only a few months ago, they were laughing with each other as flung myself fresh out of city traffic to meet with them. Rosa and I gushed over the amazing details she had planned out for their summer wedding at The Green Tree Country Club in New Rochelle, it was absolutely a dream wedding. 

    Dream weddings are simply…well…dreamy but even more important than glittery details are the couples who plan them. It was a short journey with Rosa and Dan but one that was filled with rewarding moments and sweet stories of who these two are. Rosas bridesmaids kept telling me over and over again how she is the epitome of giving always going the extra mile and Dan actually stays after school to play catch with young kids who dont have dads to play with at home(yes wipe that tear from your eye). Together they are lovely, quiet, sweet, full of joy and now they are married! Warm sunshine wrapped the day up like a bow and as the reception got started the sunset on the river cast the perfect purple painted backdrop to usher in the party of a lifetime. Take a peak to the end of this blog and you will see the hands down coolest thing to ever have happen at a wedding reception…


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  Wedding photography is honestly one of the biggest decisions you will make…and certainly one of the only ones that last. 

Jen & Cory’s Summer wedding // Upstate, NY

Jen & Cory’s Summer wedding // Upstate, NY

Jen and Cory’s wedding day was filled with glorious summer sunshine, big beaming smiles and plenty of line dancing. This summer wedding season here in the Hudson Valley NY has been a wet one. When I met up with Jen & Cory to do their wedding day timeline that was the big concern…our plans to do the first look around Lake Louise Marie were diverted because everything was drenched. August 4th turned out to be GORGEOUS itself! The sun made everything sparkle at the Sullivan and these two lovebirds beamed even brighter than that very sun.

I’m convinced that even if it had down-poured they would still be brimming from ear to ear because they are head-over-heels in love with each other. We first met up back in October and I was instantly drawn by their giggly nature, their sweet we met online tale and the fact that they consistently needed to be looking at eachother…they are a photographers dream.  Its wedding days like theirs that make me want to sing for joy that I ever picked up a camera and became a wedding photographer. You see I watch grooms loose it when they see their wife for the first time, I watch daddies swirl around a dance floor tears falling as they wonder where on earth the time went, I listen to vows carefully written and pledged to each other through shaky hands and voices, I am a part of every glorious moment. Jen and Cory had a spectacular wedding day and I know that a laughter filled marriage is ahead, wish we could do this day all over again!!

Dress-  Pronovias 

Hair & Makeup-  Uri Beauty / Kerri Taylor 

Venue:  THe Sullivan 

DJ : Digital Musicians 





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A sunny,rainy, classy,cozy,summer wedding at Red Maple Vineyards//West Park, NY

A sunny,rainy, classy,cozy,summer wedding at Red Maple Vineyards//West Park, NY

Red Maple Vineyard was the perfect spot for a wedding on July 14,2018.The sun was shining and dancing on the grass boasting some new dewy drops from a rain shower that had just passed through. Isn’t it funny how its SO gorgeous out after it rains? Inside groomsmen dressed up like the classiest dapper-dans that you have ever seen were busy pinning on boutonnieres. This is how I found our groom Cooper Hardin. Cooper is easily one of the sweetest most genuine human beings I have ever met, He listens with sincerity to everything you say and one of my favorite qualities…he is head over heels in love with his now wife Heather. We lucked out and got all the guys done before the clouds rolled in.

Heather and her incredibly beautiful group of ladies buzzed around Ooing and Aahing at how AMAZING heather looked in her gown (although Heather could have worn sweatpants and still been the most beautiful bride hands down). Wedding days are unpredictable, I say It over and over again during timeline meetings that we need a plan A,B, and yes even plan C. As we prepared to head out for the ceremony the skies opened up, guests were quickly shuttled back down where Red Maple Vineyards was busy executing the most impressive reception to ceremony swap I have ever seen! It took like 15 minutes to transform the tent and what happened next was something that could not have been reproduced if we had complete control over the weather that day.


Rain made the most beautiful soothing sound in the background as Heather quite literally glided down the aisle to an all too happy to see his almost wife Cooper at the other end. You see the thing about rain that no one can deny is that its cozy, it makes you feel like cuddling up. As I stood there watching around 150 people lean over to get a better glimpse of the amazing bride I cant help but think that the rain just MADE this day. Im not going to get into how it can be symbolic of the nature of marriage or anything corny like that, I am going to tell you that even though it was raining everything that went on during Heather and Coopers wedding day was brilliantly bright. The rest of the day was filled with gorgeous thick beams of sunlight that came out JUST in time for bridal portraits, and the party to end all parties…I mean guys they had a RAP battle…RAP. Not only are they gorgeous,smart, amazingly witty and super in love but they are straight up BFFs and that is the recipe for an incredible marriage!
Can you feel the love tonnnnnnnnight? No but really I hope that this quick blog post brought you all the mushy warm feelings I felt shooting this wedding day, To see a list of the vendors used for this wedding day check below! 
Venue:  Red Maple Vineyard

Gown: Pronovias

Hair&Makeup: Hair Honey by Kate

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The window win…and why every bride should know what this means

The window win…and why every bride should know what this means

There is SO much to consider when planning a wedding day, brides are usually pretty focused on the venue, dress, hair and makeup, ALL the florals you know…everything that glitters. Today I was on a trip to the Liberty Science Center (which by the way if you have kids is too cool) when I got a text from one of brides…she wanted to know where I wanted her to get ready for her wedding day (brides take note, involve your photographer in that decision lol). As a wedding photographer I want to give my brides as many tips and pointers on how to have a wedding day without any tiny speed bumps, the place where you get ready does matter and so here are some quick thoughts on this topic.

Photography is ALL about lighting….every single picture I take HAS to factor in the light. Some wedding venues think they are doing the photographer a favor by having all the fluorescent lights over head or a million great looking chandeliers that throw off crazy color casts but at the end of the day…that does more harm than good (but thanks for thinking of me 🙂 Lets play a game…One of the pictures above was taken in a bedroom on a rainy day, the other at Le Chateu in South Salem and the last one at the cutest air b&B. (but with ALL of the yellow light that comes from wooden rooms) Take a second and place your guess. Alright I give…Stunning Julie to the left is in a spare bedroom at the house she grew up in, the middle is Bethanys AMAZING bouquet by Designs by Wild Things and finally incredibly beautiful now Mrs. Lori Micelli is tucked away in Le Chateus bridal suite. How is that all of these images can all look so amazing when they have been shot in entirely different locations and circumstances? If you follow me on Instagram (which if you dont your missin out) you see the crazy places im shooting details (my latest being up against a basement door) and there is a reason for these decisions. No matter what the weather is doing outside, or what the inside of a room looks like all I need is ONE window and I can make magic happen. So brides (and grooms) here are a few quick tips to picking out a great prep room:


 A.  Make sure there is one big window that I can get to easily, not only will you thank me when you see the images but your makeup artist will thank you too! Natural light is the best light and I only bust out flashes if I have to…but come on look at those pictures above, natural window light just glistens.

 B. Try and make sure that you have room to move about in, even with small bridal parties there is a lot going on. The dresses, the suits, the hair and makeup, the floral deliveries, the flower girls, the snacks before you know it your crammed in like a sardine with your nerves racing! Give yourself some space, one of my favorite things my NLP couples have been doing is renting out an air B&B, you get an entire gorgeous house to yourself! 

 C. Try not to choose locations with crazy colors or tons of wood, while they look pretty to the naked eye my camera is going to pick up on every little color cast and make you seem like your standing under colored stage lights. I do want to add that this is IF you have control over this, if your parents live in a beautiful log cabin dont sweat it, as a photographer my job is to adapt to lighting situations so ill be good. 

D. Think about where you would want to be taking portraits IF you are doing portraits before the day “begins”. Typically I like to grab the bride and her bridesmaids or the grooms and the groomsmen before we do first look and or the ceremony, so if you are getting ready at a hotel that has no outdoor space or isn’t very “appeasing” to the eye this would make those portraits more difficult. (once again not something I couldn’t work with) So while picking a location to prep in keep that in mind! 


My aim is too ultimately provide my brides with the BEST experience possible, I want to make sure that you are educated about all of factors that can affect your photographs…good and bad. Like I said my job is to educate for the benefit of my brides,  on that note if you are an NLP bride check your Bridal Guide for more information on the window win!! Until next time guys <3

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Yeah im curious...

The one at Clermont with the gorgeous sunset

David and Lea are a true treasure, they are a perfect love story wrapped up with the most supportive and sweet family behind them. Davids extroverted nature commands attention and he and his twin brother tore up that dance floor, but Lea is the one that honestly stole the show. Her quiet nature and graceful beauty reminded me of royalty, if you told me that her great great great grandmother was queen of something I would completely believe you. When you combine two people like that and a STUNNING setting like Clermont historic site (which David worked at) perched right above the Hudson River (which Lea works to keep clean) you have a wedding that is basically surreal.

In terms of size this was the smallest wedding I have ever shot, I believe there was about 30 people in attendance which told me something else about this amazing couple,  they do not care for pomp and circumstance BUT  they adore their families, their friends, and most of all each other…If I could have shot this wedding over and over again I would.

Oh David and Lea…the pleasure was truly all mine, You two are in for one long laughter filled marriage!