Have  you ever meet a couple thats so genuine you just want to bottle up their energy and take them everywhere with you? Thats how i feel about Alex & Bethany and to think it almost didnt even happen! They had been on the hunt for a wedding photographer and were actually about to book someone when Bethany felt the urge to check the Knot one more time and stumled upon my profile, I truly believe that a great friendship was formed from the moment she sent me that first email. This session was SO great, It had been one of those weeks where everything that could go crazy did and that is not the mindset i want to have wheni walk into an engagement session but we just jived so well that it became the most refreshing thing that happened to methe whole week. Im truly thankful for the time i got to spend with them both, talking about our mutual faith in Jesus, the fun of wedding planning, and hearing all about their lives felt like i was walking with old friends.


Days like this remind me how precious my job is, I say it so much but its still so true when a couple chooses to have me document the most special day in their lives they give me an intimiate and exclusive glimpse into what makes them them. The fact that my job is capturing that magic is pretty amazing, with Alex and Bethany i didnt have to try hard, they have a natural chemistry that just flows together i just had to point my camera at them. To Alex and Bethany i am SO excited that i get to go along your wedding journey with you two, thanks SO much for choosing me!

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For Photographers Lenses used: Canon 85 1.2, Canon 24-70. OCF Canon 600exrtiis with Magmod Diffusers






Poets Walk Park

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Sara and Chris, I mean really what can you not say about these two? When i first met them i loved them both, Sara is the sweetest (well ok theres a sassy side in there) school teacher you have ever met. Shes quite the introvert and who by her own admission would much rather stay home with her sweet puppy than go to a party, than theres Chris who honestly brings a party wherever he goes!

Its amazing the power a photograph has, Im looking at these reception images and i can still hear DMX bumping in the background lol. But really Sara+Chris are one of a kind, their life is going to be full of laughter! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Devizio!!!

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I LOVE when i hit it off with a potential bride, but i can honestly say that i have never got on the phone to have a first “meeting” with a bride and than almost two and a half hours later we finally get to talking about her wedding. I have been looking forward to meeting Artie and Morgan since that phone call, and finally we got to hug hello! Walking with them through Morgans hometown where a young Artie and Morgan would steal away to the Rosendale bridge to talk the night away definitely brought out the nostalgic romantic side of these two! I know that their July wedding will be filled with the love of God, their love for eachother, and the love of all of their family and friends!

My Heart is over-joyed for these two! We got to talk about their loooong journey together and lets just say its been a wait, but that wait is ALMOST over…

Alex+Ryan, the perfect Ying and Yang. Hes a 6 foot 87 inch (I’m being dramatic but hes really tall) Marine-turned Chef and shes his sweet little Audiologist…right out of a story book right? But trust me it is right, their natural chemistry mixes together like *insert delicious cooking sauce here* and it is oh so sweet. While this session might look like it was a walk through heaven in reality we were walking through almost 2 feet of snow…thanks a lot random blizzard, but Alex and Ryan trekked following a clearly out-of-her mind photographer and cracking jokes with each other. I think it was welllll worth it!

Alex+Ryans Wedding