A summer engagement session at Poets Walk Park // Rhinebeck NY

A summer engagement session at Poets Walk Park // Rhinebeck NY

   Frank and Gina are SUCH a sweet couple, I know like you have never heard that term before right? Its just SO true, as I strolled through Poets Walk with them on a cloudy day a few weeks ago I was touched by the way they interact. They both have a quiet nature, they speak softly and giggle with each other A LOT! Gina looks at Frank with such respect and admiration and Frank cant help but smile when he looks at his almost wife.


When clouds roll in my NLP couples are usually scrambling and checking the weather to see if they should reschedule, sometimes thats the right move but not on this day. The dramatic sweeping skies made the perfect, delicate, fairy tale backdrop to match Gina and Franks relaxed nature as a couple. They are getting married in just 3 short months (which is madness because I feel like we JUST met )in what is sure to be a stellar wedding in Westchester NY and I seriously cannot wait! For now I leave you with this engagement session which is sure to give you all the feels…


Nidya! These photos are gorgeous! Absolutely in love, Gina L

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The one with the bride with the AMAZING dress

The one with the bride with the AMAZING dress

It was last spring when I met up with Lori & Rob for their engagement session, after I left that session I ALREADY couldnt wait for their wedding day and it proved well worth the wait. Lori is of the sweetest kind (her insta handle has cupcake in it which rings too true) with a smile that is simply brilliant. She is a nurterer by nature (say that 10x fast) and Robert is the recipiant of all of her affection. Robert has a true protector spirit I mean hes a cop so thats expected but let me tell you…he sees his lady and he melts. This is the type of couple that I could photograph all day…which is exactly what I did.

Now lets talk about this wedding, in Loris words shes “extra” which worked out BEAUTIFULLY in my favor. For a bride who was self proclaimed as extra she was SO laid back the morning of her wedding, I arrived at Le Chateu in South Salem NY (which as far as venues go is a dream) on a perfectly crisp March day and began with all of the glittery details.

                                                      * Fun Fact*

Loris dress was SO HUGE that it actually broke the hook that the venue had INSTALLED IN THE WALL. Thats a dress and a half!

The ceremony site at Le Chateu is brilliant, all of the light you could imagine and Lori’s florist did a stellar job on ceremony decor. Everything was so grand yet elegant and feminine (much like my bride) that the romantic vibe just hung in the air. The harpist played beauty and the beast as Lori strolled down the aisle to Rob, it was an angelic ceremony to say the least. The fun did not stop there as we continued outside where Robs one big wish (a ferrari) was parked (big pimpin spendin’ G’s) thats pretty much where the party vibe took over, Lori is Montenegrian (which explains her obvious physical beauty I mean who looks like that) but these people know how to party! The whole day was a dream for me so I know that these two newleyweds must have been on that famous cloud nine we hear so much about! Lori & Rob you are favorites of mine forever and always, thanks for inviting me on this trip with you!
My heart physcially hurts now that this drreamy wedding is over but as they say…all good things must come to an end.


Venue.     Le Chateau  

Wedding Dress:  bridal reflections nyc                        

          Designed by YSA Makino

Jewlery  La Gravinese Jewlers 


Crown   Eden Luxe Bridal Shop 

Florist      Enchanted Flower Boutique 


Invitation Suite  Laura Damiano Designs

 DJ.   Stolen Moments 

Makeup. Beauty Entourage 

Hair Hair by Val



   A Special thank you to ALL of these Vendors who were lovely to work with and provided me STELLAR things to take images of! Getting married soon and want to chat? Click below!




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The one that was freezing at High Point….

The one that was freezing at High Point….

This absolutely has to be the coldest session I have ever shot, It was a whopping 28 degrees at High Point NJ when Jon and Julia joined me at 8am for their engagement session, it was my first session of the 2018 year and even though it was freezing I was SO amped! Jon & Julia are a truly special type of sweet, Julia has this giggly personality that lights up a room while Jon is definitely more of the “of few words type”, however the guys like 7 feet tall so he doesn’t exactly fade into the background. I am convinced that the only thing that kept these two warm during this painfully cold session ( I mentioned it was cold right?) is how MUCH they simply adore one another! I cannot wait until their wedding which is actually only a few months away…Congratulations you two! Thrilled to be going on this journey with you!

I have NO clue how they stayed in the cold for so long! High point is a truly amazing location but these two were WAY more impressive! If you are in the market for a photographer and would like to chat than click here —–>


Until next time,


The One at Central Park with the gorgeous couple

The One at Central Park with the gorgeous couple

Wedding photography is a TOUGH industry, like for real we are a dime a dozen! There is NO sitaution more stressful for a wedding photographer than when your ideal bride inquires and you meet up,hit it off…than you wait to see if they will book you. Luckily for me this dream couple did! Not only are they physically  beautiful (I mean who looks like that?) but they are of the sweetest kind of couple! I LOVE when im shooting an engagemnet session and I feel like im interupting a moment between the couple, because truthfully I want them to forget that im there  and become so enamored with eachtoher that even in Central Park in their minds…their alone. It takes a specific type of couple to do this, its a certain type of relationship that allows you to fall into eachother like that and whatever secret ingredient makes that happen…these two have it! August 2018 cant come soon enough <3

Love these images as much as I do? Drop a comment below to show Louisa and Adam some love! These were taken at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, NYC. For all of my current brides this is a FREE location and for one of the most populated areas…surprisingly easy to shoot at!

Katelyn & Jamie Engagement!

Katelyn & Jamie Engagement!

Oh these two will be a highlight of my 2018 year for sure! Katelyn and Jamie met while Jamies band was playing a gig…thats right she’s his permanent groupie <3 Katelyn was a bridesmaid in another couple of mines wedding and I got to watch these guys first hand boogie the night away! (which by the way Jamie teaches hip-hop so he can def. get down) Strolling through Olana State Historic site and listening to how they  interact with each other was precious, their love is one that is born out of friendship and thats a blast to capture! I can’t wait for their wedding day!

Nidya really has an eye for detail and a way with words. Katelyn Maggio

Future NLP Bride Sept 2018