Sarah and John

 Winter in New York, Its legendary. Winter weddings in New York CAN be legendary but talk about hoops to jump through.  When you are planning a Winter Wedding you HOPE for light snow falling in perfect fat flakes from the sky drifting into little glittering specks all around you and your hubby. You HOPE that traveling is not hazardous and all of your friends and family can still make it, In general your hail mary-ing for the most idyllic situation humanly possible…and Sarah and Johns January wedding was JUST THAT, LEGENDARY.

 Anytime a wedding day calls for “extreme” weather my first concern is always how my bride is feeling, all of this planning just to have 8-12 inches reported for your wedding day but let me tell you, Sarah was THRILLED. Her joyful spirit it contagious, It was amazing how the bride was the one who uplifted everyone’s attitudes about the weather and Sarah was rewarded with the perfect scenario.

Villa Venezias ballroom feels like it was made for snowy wedding days; white marble floors, large windows spilling in diffused light from every angle and warm vibes coming off of the staff set the stage for some seriously epic moments. Sarah got into her gown in a scene that looked like it was out of a castle ( see below), She strolled down the picturesque staircase to see John for their first look gown swirling behind her and all. They both bravely walked out into a literal snowstorm to embrace the winter wonderland that was gracing New York with its presence and what followed are images that I will forever be proud of.


 Their ceremony took place right as the sun set turning the view outside into a romantic blue haze, the violinist strummed out tale as old as time  ( which was my wedding song so naturally its a fave) and Sarah and John read each other heartfelt wedding vows. The reception was no less grand with first dances and parents dances leaving everyone in tears. Johns mom had passed not too long ago and he shared a sweet dance with his sister,  I promise you there was not one dry eye in the room. I want my couples to know that my heart bleeds for them when they are missing pieces of themselves on their wedding day, when dads are not their to give their daughter away or when moms arent their to dance their sons into marriage it just leaves a hole there is no way around it. This is where marriage plays one of its most beautiful roles, as a comfort. Their might not be a beloved mother or cherished father there but your new spouse will be there, and every time that hole opens up their love will fill it back in. 

The night ended with just as much whimsy as it began, with a sparkler send off for the books! Sarah and John are currently on a beach in Mexico enjoying their honeymoon ( which they have earned) as I sit here in cold New York typing this blog post, I hope they know that the hard work put into this wedding was worth EVERY MOMENT. You two enjoy the beach and your FIRST week of marriage!





Daddy/ Daughter first look…get the tissues!

And now for the BIG first look!

The Ceremony

So are you sporting a little somethin somethin on YOUR ring finger?

Guys I cannot stress to you enough how important Wedding photography is, which I know may seem like Im coming at this from a self serving angle but really. So if you want a experience it might be time to contact me so we can chat!