Chelsea and Collin

 When I think of a spring wedding I think flowers, I think lush greenery, I think light pink and open skies…basically I think of Chelsea and Collins wedding day.

The skies above West Hills Country Club in New York put on quite a show, from sporadic (yet perfect) rain storms to billowing clouds floating perfectly against a surreal blue sky these portraits are what I dream of.

Chelsea and Collin planned their wedding out of state, so I saw them at their engagement session and than next on their wedding day! If your one of my couples you know that I typically see you a whole lot more but let me tell you, we got along so well! Their naturally laid back chemistry has a contagious effect. While they were definitely on top of the details they happily handed over free reign to me, These for the record are my FAVORITE types of couples, they know what they want AND they trust that I can give it to them.

Its like the wedding day was going TOO well, the prep part of the day went according to schedule (which in the wedding world is a miracle), the ceremony went off without a hitch and as the sky sang for us we headed back to West Hills for the portraits. We headed into the tent to gather ourselves for portraits, the skies opened up and a storm that no one saw coming made its way into our “pleasantville” wedding day. Rain came POURING down, I mean simply gushing into the tent in literal waves, the staff was running around with shop vacs and frantically securing table cloths while Chelsea and Collin just watched the rain. I have to tell you they were SO calm, and thankfully this bizarre storm lasted about 15 minutes and than it was back to business as usual. The rain made the colors THAT much more vibrant, It created an ethereal steam rising from the ground and HANDS DOWN, some of my favorite bridal portraits ever!





I have so many couples who are missing huge parts of their hearts on their wedding day, For Chelsea it was her dad. Words cannot express how my heart feels for these brides, I know Chelsea isnt alone and truthfully this was a common heartbreak during so many of my weddings this past year. Chelsea had a heart sewn into her gown so her dad could be physically over the part of her body that he will always be emotionally…her heart.

Newly Engaged?

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