Wedding photography is a TOUGH industry, like for real we are a dime a dozen! There is NO sitaution more stressful for a wedding photographer than when your ideal bride inquires and you meet up,hit it off…than you wait to see if they will book you. Luckily for me this dream couple did! Not only are they physically ¬†beautiful (I mean who looks like that?) but they are of the sweetest kind of couple! I LOVE when im shooting an engagemnet session and I feel like im interupting a moment between the couple, because truthfully I want them to forget that im there ¬†and become so enamored with eachtoher that even in Central Park in their minds…their alone. It takes a specific type of couple to do this, its a certain type of relationship that allows you to fall into eachother like that and whatever secret ingredient makes that happen…these two have it! August 2018 cant come soon enough <3

Love these images as much as I do? Drop a comment below to show Louisa and Adam some love! These were taken at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, NYC. For all of my current brides this is a FREE location and for one of the most populated areas…surprisingly easy to shoot at!