David and Lea are a true treasure, they are a perfect love story wrapped up with the most supportive and sweet family behind them. Davids extroverted nature commands attention and he and his twin brother tore up that dance floor, but Lea is the one that honestly stole the show. Her quiet nature and graceful beauty reminded me of royalty, if you told me that her great great great grandmother was queen of something I would completely believe you. When you combine two people like that and a STUNNING setting like Clermont historic site (which David worked at) perched right above the Hudson River (which Lea works to keep clean) you have a wedding that is basically surreal.

In terms of size this was the smallest wedding I have ever shot, I believe there was about 30 people in attendance which told me something else about this amazing couple, ¬†they do not care for pomp and circumstance BUT ¬†they adore their families, their friends, and most of all each other…If I could have shot this wedding over and over again I would.

Oh David and Lea…the pleasure was truly all mine, You two are in for one long laughter filled marriage!