Picture it, a freezing cold day in March, a  blizzard has just swept through our area and me and these two guys to the right are treking around Vanderbilt Mansion in TWO FEET of snow for their engagement session. I now wish I could do every engagement session in conditions like that because you learn so much about a couple, Alex here wasnt complaining that her feet were cold, she wasnt being “girly” about it and staying on the paved paths no she was ALL IN and we got some stellar images from their engagement session. Ryan was in the military (hes also about 8 feet tall) so two feet of snow didnt really bother him, but i saw something in them both that day that made me SO grateful to be their wedding photographer, the way they weathered the “storms”. They did it with joy, they did not care that the mansion for whatever reason was closed or that is was SO cold or that a hurricane had just swept through Florida where they live no they were SO happy to just be together….this marriage is one for the books.

Fast forward to September and the weather is like heaven and  wedding day prep is in FULL effect. There were truly SO many amazing things about this wedding day, Alex made her own bouqet, the boutenierres, the centerpieces, the photo booth im surprised she didnt build the winery at this point. But the way she was smiling ear to ear just took the cake, all she wanted to do was get to Ryan.Aand to watch a big tall military man like Ryan be a little shaky while getting in his tux was so touching. Their ceremony was in the hands down PRETTIEST church i have ever been in that was actually founded by Alex`s great grand-parents, everyone in her family was married in that church and thats the tip of the sentimental iceberg of their wedding day. To Alex&Ryan, it was my sheer joy to be your wedding photographer I dont need to wish you a long happy marriage because you guys absolutely will have one!

Isnt their love just oh so sweet? Everytime I blog a wedding I get all warm and fuzzy remembering how amazing thay day was and Alex&Ryans wedding is no different! Be sure to drop a comment and show them some love!



Venue: Brotherhood Winery  Washingtonville NY


Brotherhood Winery