On a perfectly sunny and clear day Alexandra and Mitchell and all the glitter in the world took that big leap! The week before their wedding day was SO wild, a blizzard in the middle of march delayed friends and family from Texas where these two lovebirds hail from BUT that certainly did not put a damper on the party! All of that southern charm packed into the Poughkeepsie Grand felt like i was inhaling sweet tea, but the most prevelant thing in the air was the obvious love and affection between the new Mr.&Mrs. Graves. I instantly loved them, Alex has this sweet giggly personality that Mitchell clearly adores and dont even get me started on how gorgeous these two are! (your about to see for yourself) I couldnt put into words how they achieved that perfectly glamorous “big wedding” feel yet maintained a sweet intimate vibe for the whole wedding…luckily im a photographer not an author!

Congratulations to the brand spankin new Mr. and Mrs. Graves! To say the pleasure was all mine is SUCH an understatement! If you like what you see make sure to follow me on Instagram and Like me on Facebook!